Friday, 28 February 2014

Mr Cik Mat Adam

Mr Cik Mat Adam insisted on spraying perfume in front of mirror when he could actually do that elsewhere.

Mr Cik Mat Adam gave a pose duckface style

Mr Cik Mat Adam has a blankie and it's a doggie. 
Adam suka ekor dia. 
Adam suka hidung dia. 
Dok gentel time minum susu.
Weaned off bottle please darling!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

sincere Iman

Iman is a very lurus kind of boy. And he is sincere in expressing his emotions and feelings.
When he laughs, he laughs out hard.
When thunder strikes, he gets scared and he cries.
And he talks through clenched teeth when he's upset.

An example of his lurus-ness, happened yesterday.

Few weeks back he saw me without my glasses.
He sincerely exclaimed
Wahhh buruknya Ummi tak pakai spek!!


Then I reminded him
Iman, orang cakap muka Iman macaaaaaaammmm muka Ummi

Ahh sweet revenge he he

And this is one example of my own kind of sporting game. Jumping into conclusion :P