Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Things been a little tense lately.

Tebby got me a new mobile phone (thanks Yang!) and after subscribing to additional services, it went kaput. I couldn't call out and people couldn't call me in. I told my friends, it's like giving birth. And soon afterwards your baby got admitted to nicu. You want so much to cuddle and hold but all you could do is, stare.

Of course a baby is not comparable to a phone in whatever sense. It's an analogy k. 

After 13 days (of 5 frustrating calls to careline, 1 web-complaint, 2 emails, 2 visits to Blue Cube, 2 SIM card change), they finally detected what was wrong with it. I knew it all along. When they upgraded me to their data plan (yup, baru nak subscribe), they accidentally 'closed' my voice service. I told my doubt each time via careline and Blue Cube. None of them admitted.

Finally yesterday (after bombarding the careline requesting for feedback and refusing for yet another 'escalation' anddddd 10 minutes of waiting on the line listening to Judika and whatnots), they admitted my doubt.

How could such a simple thing be missed during trouble-shooting?

And when I visited Blue Cube again yesterday, semua muka seposen. Tak reti nak mintak maaf, let alone admitting their fault.

And things are not going well either in the office. It is not as I'd hoped it'd be.

Last Friday we went to Midvalley during lunch time. I told my friends I want new shoes. The good souls layan me knowing my frustration over things above (thanks friends!).. after 3 kedai kasut, I couldn't decided between 2 shoes.

I ended up buying a lipstick instead!

That's how bad it was.

Today my phone is up and running and functioning as it should be. I made a call to Tebby. Then I called myself up just to hear the phone ringing for the first time. It was like hearing your baby's first cry (analogy, again). I was overwhelmed ha ha.


Things in the office are not of so much improvement though. As papers and files piling up on my desk, my motivation berkadar songsang. It drains up.

And today, I bought 3 scarfs.To sooth my mind. Well, perhaps that's just an excuse anyway ha ha.

But regardless. 

I hope I'll be happy again or I'll end up broke   ^_^

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

for the noble teachers out there - many thanks!

This happened last week :P
I am good at procrastinating.

credit to source
Did you know I almost take up teaching as career? Biasalah lepas SPM, sedang mencari identity :D I got an offer to do TESL, a joint venture between IB (Institute Bahasa) with an institution in New Zealand. A day before the date I was supposed to register, I changed my mind. My mother was annoyed. To her teaching is the most suitable career a woman can ever have :D But my father was more receptive. So I went to do matriculation at UUM. Ting tong ting tong... I ended up at T* instead of a school.

But that was way back in 1992.. some 21 years ago. Wow, has it been that long?

I bought chocolate for the kids to be given to teachers as token of appreciation. Spent the night helping them out doing simple card (more like the boys just pasted some stickers!)

Adam and his pick of stickers - teeth!
Later that day he happily announced he had given Cikgu Ain, Cikgu Nurul and 2 more teachers the chocolate.

Iman came back complaining he hadn't enough. He did not manage to locate one of his teachers so he just gave one of the packs to other teacher he'd came across at school. In the end, dah nak balik baru dia terserempak dengan cikgu yang dia cari tu :D

Kakak said they had a blast at school. Teachers did some performance on stage (sian Cikgu, Teacher's Day diorang yang kena tunjuk bakat :D .. Thanks Cikgu!)

Special Thanks to all teachers while I was in Sekolah Kebangsaan Lipat Kajang, Sekolah Tun Fatimah and Universiti Utara Malaysia doing my formal education. And for teachers of my children at Atfal Excel Kindy, Genius Aulad, SK BTHO 2, Sekolah Rendah Agama Al-Waani.
Many thanks to teachers at Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia Ampang Hilir.

I know I might've missed so many but here's to all teachers - formal education or informal - a big THANK YOU!

Moga Allah memberikan ganjaran yang setimpal dengan jasa baik kalian mendidik kami semua.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Genius Aulad Kampung Mini Olympics 2013

Sabtu 18 Mei 2013.

Meraikan anak-anak. Spesifiknya si Adam.
Genius Aulad, tadika Adam buat Kampung Mini Olympics 2013. Venue - Wetland Putrajaya.

Seminggu sebelum acara si Adam asik meratib pasal ni.. kalau tak pegi mau seminggu dia mengungkit :D I remember one time I was already in the car, almost driving away from their taska, Adam suddenly emerged out and called out loud.. ingatkan tercicir beg ke apa..

Ummi, nanti pegi Wetland Adam kena pakai kasut sukan. Yang hitam kuning tuuuu.

Okay.. okay. Iya kan aje, walopun itu ntah kali ke berapa dia dah inform :D

Akhirnya tiba! Guna GPS pun sesat! Tempat acara nun jauh lagi masuk ke dalam-dalam nun.

Nanti anak nak kawin boleh buat majlis kat sini. Ada surau, ada washroom, ada small covered platform. Kawasan pun lapang tapi berbukit sikit. Eh, anak sulung baru nak masuk 12 tahun :P

Senamrobik to kick off the games.

Yang ni Iman main.

Yang ni Abah yang lompat.

Abah lagi!

Adam main pancing ikan.

Oh yeahh... bring it on! It was a tie btw.

Suka hati nampak... :D

Adam main yang ni

Nasib bukan Iman yang volunteer naik upih....

Looks simple tapi susah! Konda Kondi.

Barisan hadiah.
I winner katanya... :D
It was a joint effort between GA BTHO dgn GA Seremban 2. Hari ni GA BTHO tutup, kasi can cikgu relaks :D It was just a few hours tapi penatnya sampai hari ni terasa (sebab jarang exercise)..

We didn't win anything big. Had fun though. Kakak je komplen coz there was no games for daughter. Adam brought home his first medal ever (everyone got it btw. you know, kids,.. kang ada yang guling-guling balik tak dapat hadiah) and a Tupperware set of a small container and tumbler.

And Sabtu petang onwards, dah tak dengar dah ratiban wetland putrajaya.... phew!

Friday, 17 May 2013

a little package from Glitzy Gurlz

Online shopping is my middle name. It excites me to receive packages once in a while (once in while la sangat kan, sampai brader Poslaju kalau berselisih kat luar pun buleh tegur menegur :D)

After been browsing, I finally had the guts to place my order for a bangle. Ever wonder why you look better in a cosmetic shop but once you step out, voila.. reality hits! It's called lighting peeps. This FB ( posted drooling photos and I had hoped the gorjes-ness was not due to lighting. Instead of ordering all all things that caught my eyes (which is a lot :P), I ordered for just one. Cuba dulu kan.

The bangle arrived few days later and myyy.... my heart jumped! Out from the ordinary plastik Poslaju, out came a box with elaborate ribbon dressing (elaborate la for a simple person like me). I loike! I loike! A little effort will go a loonggg way.

And under a thin layer of paper, there's my bangle. Tak menghampakan. Let's just say this photo doesn't do justice to. In short, I love it.

Now I can order some more. I did say a little effort will go a loongggg way. Kan?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

embrace motherhood!


Happy Mother's Day.
Ya I know but better late than never, right.

How did mine gone?
Went to MV to celebrate and was given the privilege to choose where to dine.
But Iman insisted that we go have sushi.
I just had sushi few days before.
But a mother will do what she needs to do.
Sushi it was then!

Being mom is not always sunshine and roses.
Likewise many other things in life.
Being mom you know you are actually capable of loving other people more than you love yourself.
Being mom you know there's this kind of love that doesn't have boundaries, nor it is conditional.

Embrace motherhood.
It's a lifetime position.
With good rewards too, insyaAllah.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Adam turns Five!

Adam turned 5 last Saturday. He was ecstatic. Especially at getting his own birthday cake :D When I was doing a brownie for Tebby's birthday last month, Adam specifically told me

Nanti birthday Adam, Ummi buat kek Avengers ya..

Not wanting to frustrate him, I resorted to ordering from the expert :D I haven't bake a proper cake my whole life, let alone an Avengers cake, making one was not a good idea me think. I practically begged ha ha. It was a 2-days notice! Finally I got a simple choc-cake from SantaiGitu. K Hazit, (the owner) and I used to stay together @Vista Angkasa during our bujang days. 

We had a mini celebration form him at home. Coincidently he wore a tee with number 5! He was indeed happy. Blowing candles, eating a slice of cake or two. We had fun. My other 2 children already placed order cakes of their choice this coming August (birthday Kakak) and November (Iman) :D

Here, let me bring you down the memory lane..

Adam just after birth. Born 11th May 2008, coincidently Mother's Day for that year. Weighing 3.74kg, he was delivered at wee hour in the morning @Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital.

2009 - One year old. Owhhh such a cutiee pie!

2010 - Two years old.

2011 - 3 years old. He's becoming cheeky!

2012 - 4 years old. Celebrated @Secret Recipe. 

Happy Birthday Adam. Though sometimes we can't cope with your antics and all, we're absolutely thankful having you in the family. Be a good boy and we love u loads!

Friday, 10 May 2013

of Iron Man and iron defieciency

My husband has been under lots of pressure (from just work I hope!). And when pressures are at their peak, he's very prone to acid reflux. And him skipping his lunch makes it worse.

We went to Klinik Kita about 2 weeks back and Dr Salmi insisted for a comprehensive blood test. Test for cancers included *gulp*. Tebby was supposed to go and give his blood for the test before we went balik kampung for PRU13 but he did not. Much to my annoyance. Wasn't it him that stressed the importance of keeping good health especially when you have dependents *imagine the children with their big soulful eyes*

Pinky promised (things we learn from growing children) he'd do just that (give blood) after we get back from Tgg, which is last Tuesday. (We were on forced-leave last Tuesday. There was an AGM held by the T* and we need to clear the parking space for stakeholders. Parking space is scarce even on normal working days, let alone if there's an AGM).

On Monday he hinted that we should go watch Iron Man 3 on Tuesday. I was ecstatic. It's Iron Man 3 peeps! But he didn't mention about blood test whatsoever. Either he forgot or he'd hope that I forgot :D, which I did not. Either way, before he could give me that big soulful eyes look, next thing I know, we were in the clinic :D

I am far from being a QC (queen control) (or so I thought) but a we just do what we have to do right. He needs big push when it comes to things concerning himself so I gave him that push.

Result came out yesterday.

Alhamdulillah my husband is one healthy man! Except 2 things which are not critical but need precaution. He has iron deficiency and a borderline cholesterol reading.

Dr Salmi said it's normal for certain people to have low level of iron and they can still function like normal human beings :D Since Tebby has a borderline cholesterol, let's not indulge on hati ayam and whatnots coz that will contribute to his cholesterol.

Recommended solutions: -
Exercise (which he has no problem doing)
Control the type of food he eats (errr...)
Take supplement of vitamin B Complex, Folic Acid and Fish Oil (sounds like supplements for a pregnant mom!)

By coincident, I have a bottle of Shaklee's Omega Guard in my office drawer and just bought Shaklee's B Complex with Folic Acid.

And I am putting my nurse cap on.............

After clinic, we had this.. meatballs Abang Burn Burger Bakar.
With potato wedges and loads of cheese.
Hey, am a new nurse!


Anyway, we did go and watched Iron Man 3. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

let's vote!

Post PRU13, Iman has his own campaign.

He's been campaigning. He stresses out the necessity of Tebby getting a new car for me. A bigger and better one :D

But before I dwell further, here's what actually happened during our journey to and fro Tgg.

The boys, they fought over iPad. Screaming, wailing, pushing, pulling. Crying. When it was already too much, I confiscated that thing and they would not get it unless they behaved.

I thought they would. They did not.

They pushed. They pulled. They laughed out loud. They clowned about. They sat down. They stood up. They laughed out loud. They ate. They spilled the food. They laughed out loud. *sigh*

But much better than wailing and crying, right?

Halfway - I warned them to behave (again). If not, next balik kampung journey to Tgg, we'll be traveling back in my car. Which is a Viva :D

Did they behave? Nope. The rest of us had to endure them having fun at the back seat.

I guess somehow it finally dawned to Iman it would not be a comfortable thing to be traveling back to Tgg in a Viva. Hence his little campaign.

For any reason at all Iman, you already won my vote :P

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

shhh..... undi adalah rahsia..

@ Bangsar
Photos below taken @Kuala Terengganu. Did not travel via Marang. SIL said, there, more flags and flags and flags. We took Jabor route to save time.