Tuesday, 30 April 2013

(cleansing) oil + SK-II

Abu Usaid menceritakan yang Rasulullah pernah berkata, "Makanlah minyak zaitun dan berminyaklah dengannya. Minyak zaitun berasal daripada pohon yang diberkati." Direkodkan oleh At-Tirmidzi.

You see, of late I haven't really taken care of my skin (facial included) lately although I routinely make my monthly visit to Herbaline. I develop dry skin and occasional jerry. Amoi Herbaline pun tanya why my facial skin is so dry now. Most probably due to ageing (90%), working in air-cond office during the day and later sleeping in air-cond room at night. The jerry, them scar, stay for long! Not good. Not good.

I have taken 2 steps now: -
Step 1
Incorporate one more step in facial cleansing - wash hands, wash face with tap water, massage with Tupperware's Nutri Rich Oil (Apricot Oil) or Bertolli's Olive Oil (yes, the one for cooking/salad :P), finish with Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser and then rinse off with warm water.

Step 2
Bought SK-II range (again) from Best Buy. You see, I've used its Skin Signature moisturiser. Done with a small tub, due to being gatal nak tukar, I switched to Estee Lauder (too heavy for me, and it made my skin itched) then to a cheaper version, Hada Labo (despite being a moisturizer, it dried up my skin!) I have also tried the much-talked about Safi Rania Gold but small tiny miny bumps appear on my face... And now I am back to SK-II.

And I hope I can keep up with Step 3 - ISTIQOMAHHH!

To be frank, I did not go to SK-II's counter for consultation. I did mine online, here and bought the products based on recommendations (of course after picking those suitably within my budget :D) I use SK-II's Stempower before bed and Cellumination during the day. Both absorb well with gentle massage and patting on the skin. Don't ask me if it goes well with make-up because my definition of make-up is - pressed powder and lipstick.

It's been 2 days. Too soon to be jumping about with joy (OR cry) with the result. But my facial skin is definitely not dry anymore. It feels moist, not oily. I hope the effect will last and so will my motivation :D

Monday, 29 April 2013

tea tree for jerry-woes

I am officially dealing with teenager hormonal woes - Numero uno - jerry-woes! We only have one teenager at home so take your lucky guess.

Small zits near her nose and her forehead. They come and go and after a while on Cetaphil as cleanser and a light dot of my obat jerawat (it says not to be used by under 12 but she'll be 12 this August so I guess a light dot wouldn't make much difference on the 3-4 months age gap :P), I decided to take one step further...

So here.. things specifically for her jerry-woes - Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash and Tree Tree Oil from The Body Shop.

And, in my usual fussy-mother mode, I make sure she wash her hands before washing her face and that she apply the oil before bed every night.

2 days later she made an announcement - It works Ummi. Jerawat Kakak dah kecut.
So, it works! Now I should use hers instead :D

And ooohh, please use separate tower to lap your face please!

Told y'all, I am fussy like that..

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

at random - 20,21 04 2013

Was suppose to be 'scotch pancakes'. Eaten 2, the rest into cik tong (sampah). Too bitter. Too much baking soda. As a defense statement, well, I was just (blindly) following the recipe...

Among few types of fishes Iman eats. I called off thawing these, Tebby decided to do Nasi Ayam.

For my Lemon Tart project. Called it off too, too malas :P

I made Blueberry Muffins nonetheless!

Tebby did a little marketing after dropping off Kakak for her Saturday's tuition.

Nasi Ayam! Smelling and looking too good to resist.We ended up having lunch at 11:00 am!

Thirst quencher on hot sunny day. Nyum-ness!

My quest on being a Domestic Goddess :D

East meets West. One wanted Pisang Goreng. Another wanted Blueberry Muffins.

Went out and had another lunch nonetheless!

Yakult for Adam, Green Tea for me.

Homemade Cili Boh.



Terengganu Style Nasi Minyak. A take-out from a tahlil-do.

Bubur Kacang with Ice Cream!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

those biiiiig soulful eyes

Remember Calico? The mother cat my kids loooveee so much? The white-black-orange cat with big soulful eyes?

Well, she has stopped bringing back those small furry things. Instead now, she's bringing even more bigger furry things, her friends! A black one as well as a white one.

Ummi, boleh kita bagi dia makan?
Kids asked me, staring me with their big soulful eyes.

Kesian dia Ummi, Calico tu ada baby dalam perut.
Ummi, tengok tu, semua semua tengok kita with their big soulful eyes.

Boleh lah Ummi.. ya?

Ahhh.. who could ever win an argument with kids, staring at me with their big soulful eyes. An argument over those cuddly furry cats with big soulful eyes?

The other two have their respective names as well, the white one Calica (Kalika) and the black, Calici (Kaliki). I found myself fuss over these new additions. When I open the main door, especially in the morning, I swear they stare at me with those big soulful eyes that I fetch whatever food suitably for cats to feed them. When they do not come over, I can't help but to wonder their whereabouts and pray that some kind-hearted beings would feed them.

Calico is pregnant. We are expecting perhaps a few Calicu's to the addition in the weeks to come :D

Yeah, those big soulful eyes..

Monday, 22 April 2013

the Adi(s) of my life

The First Adi came into my life some sixteen years ago. After two years of courting, we tied a knot in engagement and got married a year later in year 2000. Now, after (almost) thirteen years, we are blessed with three children, loud and full of chaos they may be, but we love them loads nonetheless..
The Second Adi came into my life last weekend. In a form of shoes! Running shoes some more! Courtesy of The First Adi. Let's just say we are still in the phase of getting to know each other! Me and the shoes.

Thanks Yang! Love you loads. I promise this pair won't rot the way like the previous one did - in the shoe cabinet! :P

Friday, 19 April 2013

of a (coin) box

At last! Dapat jugak this box which I've been meaning to get for the past few weeks :D

gone but not forgotten

p.s. - members only

A friend is leaving the company after belas-belas tahun mendambakan diri. I salute her for the courage of taking the bold step in setting up her own business. I wish her well in future undertakings.

She said although she's excited, there's a tinge of sadness. Perhaps a bit of unsureness. Wouldn't we all? If we were in her shoes. 

People say, dream. And if your dream doesn't scare you, you haven't dreamed enough.

Today is her last day. Although I have known her for barely 2 years, it saddens me to see someone whose table just beside me, packed her things bit by bit and now she's ready to go living her dreams.

Good luck dear. You've surely dreamed enough!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

at random - 13 04 2013

One can never be happy all the time, but one can always pretend *sigh*


Random pics taken last Saturday. Kakak had her weekly tuition at school and Iman had this Kem Solat going on at school as well. We had some marketing to do so only Adam tagged along. I have always preferred the full-fledged pasar rather than Big AEON, Tesco and the likes. Went to Pasar Borong Selangor, baru ada feel :D

Ayam rambut pacak, as Adam put it. And forced me to snap a photo of it.

Bought a small whole chicken for my roasting project

Adam, minding the fishes.

Meat section. Wanna pose or not? Takut mehh?

Decided to whip up Nasi Lemak for lunch. With the usual Sambal Telur. And as requested, Ikan Goreng.
Beras, bawang merah, halia, daun pandan, santan and garam.

Pisang Lemak Manis! I lurve!

Spent hours cleaning and sorting these. And kemas fridge also.

My roasting projects. Chicken and beef. By today all done and finish already.

Accompaniments for Nasi Lemak - Sambal Telur, Ikan Goreng, Timun. And leftover Udang Masak Lemak from the previous weekend!

Iman's favorite. All red, cold and juicy. Nyam!

Melting butter and choc chips for brownies project.

Coffee + warm water, also for my brownies project.


It was quite tiring but fulfilling day.
Who says I am hard to please?
These days, even pasar and baking can make me smile :D