Friday, 5 October 2012

St. Ives Craze!

I am in one of those phases again :P


Latest being St. Ives haul!I remember I once used its apricot scrub some 10-15 years ago. Masa tu rasanya apricot scrub was apricot scrub. These days there's few variations just for apricot! For blemish, gentle, ageing yada yada yada. Confused? I am :D

My haul last week:-
1. Apricot Scrub Gentle for Kakak
2. Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub .
3. Renew & Refirm Apricot Scrub 
4. 24-hour Moisture Lotion
5. Exfoliating Apricot Body Wash
6. Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash

My daughter is 11 this year and she has started to get those whiteheads (yikes!) and small pimples on her face. When I was in my teens and 20's, I had clear skin. In fact I never had proper skincare regime until I was mid 20's. But I was okay. Back then, sabun LUX could do. A single bar of LUX for whole body, from top to toe, so to speak! Sent a message to SKII if I can share my FTE with Kakak. Response - she has to wait for another 7 years! The product is not recommended to use by under 18. :D :D I bought Cetaphil cleanser for Kakak some months ago (as recommended by a pharmacist).

The most challenging part was to get that thing into her routine. After some months, she finally gets it - wash face twice daily with Cetaphil. And now I added up another thing for her - Apricot Scrub Gentle (for sensitive skin). Scrub in the morning. Cetaphil in the evening. I saw the tube in the bathroom she usually bathe in. I hope it doesn't just sit there. I'll check again tonight :D

As for moi, I have started using 4 items. Kenot wait. So gelojoh want to try all :P

On alternate days I use Blemish & Blackhead Control Apricot Scrub. In between, it's Cetaphil. After a week I notice my facial skin is a bit itchy tho less oily (i have normal-oily skin). The area around my nose is menggelupas. Tak banyak la, sikit aje. Tolerable and I hope this is temporary.

Exfoliating Apricot Body Wash is more of a body-wash than exfoliator. It has very very gentle beads. Small ones too. I barely feel their presence. Guess that's normal for someone who's used to sugar and salt scrub! The smell is nice and sweet but it doesn't linger.

My relationship with 24-hour Moisture Lotion almost ended right in the beginning. I have made my research before actually go out and buy. I intended to buy its Replenishing Mineral Therapy variation but couldn't find on the the shelves. The SA there assured me that was an old product packaging and the newer replacement is 24-hour Moisture Therapy. I was sold into believing, when are in fact, two different variations :D The texture is rather heavy and rich and I have to really rub to get it absorbed. But once absorbed, it's not sticky, not oily, not filmy. I like! Sans the hardwork to rub it in that is :P The smell is so-so only. But it lived up to its name. I am moisturized aaaaaaaalllllllllll dddaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy looongggggggg........

On days I am too lazy to slap on the body lotion, I showered with Oatmeal & Shea Body Butter Wash. Unlike my Exfoliating Apricot Scrub, this one doesn't lather up much. It has creamy texture and smells delicious... Imagine oatmeal and butter... hemmmmmmmm!!! Better not use during puasa :D After shower, I am all cleaned and moisturized. No need for body lotion anymore.

Aaaaaaanywaayyyyy, I am one flip-flop person. Sometimes I am so rajin with all those. On malas days, a bar of soap will do... top to toe.


  1. bagusnye kak tie...kite pencuci muka biasa aje..x pandai nak guna banyak2 ni..scrub pun tarak

  2. CT ~ one of the ways for me to de-stress :D

  3. memang tabik lah kat ummi coz very the rajin menjaga diri, after all, siapa nak jaga if not ourself... tapi saya so malas + can't afford it...

  4. KakNi ~ alaa.. tiba time rajin ginilah. time malas, semua guna sabun mandi ketui tu jahh. you can use apa2 yang kat dapur tu KakNi. garam halus, gula, honey, tomato hat dah nak lembik tu, limau nipis, asam jawa, tepung jagung.. cubalah.

  5. whitehead at her age?? kesiannya

  6. aini ~ her facial skin kinda oily. hormonal kot?