Thursday, 20 December 2012

tudung syria - Chenta Qaseh

While I was in Cameron Highlands last week, my tudung syria from Chenta Qaseh safely made their way to my office. Overwhelmed with my Brinchang experience, strawberry, keledek and jagung shopping, I had almost forgotten that I was expecting a parcel :D When I stepped in the office last Monday, my heart jumped with joy at seeing a Poslaju pack on my table. My heart always does that whenever I see one anyway hihi.

Did I mention their? As in referring to plural? :P

I ordered not one but four! You see, if I order 1 piece, I would still have to pay the same amount if I order 3 or 4 pieces. Let's save up on postage fee and I ordered 4. I know, I am merely justifying but still.. I loikeee!
Wrapped in the usual plastic cover. Neatly fold, every piece in similar manner, almost to same size. I have an eye for details you know. Little things matter to me.

Let me introduce you to these girls. From left to right - Khaki, Burlywood Brown, Crimson Pink and Deep Grey. Priced at RM35.00 each, with postage of RM8.00, these girls cost me RM148.00.

:: Made of Korean Lycra. Feels almost like stretchable cotton. Cooling and falls nicely.
:: The size is just right (at least to me) with bukaan muka approximately 52cm, back length 70cm and length from chin below is 50cm. Not only cover dada, when I had it on, the tip reached way down to my midriff. Perut oso cover hihi.. The width (from shoulder to shoulder) is also just right.

Free gift! With my previous order, I got a free ordinary inner neck in lilac. This time purplish, almost like the color of an aubergine.

ni lah rupa tudung syria yang ai beli..
photo credit to Chenta Qaseh

From the look of it, I think me and Chenta Qaseh shall have an everlasting relationship :D

:: my first purchase from Chenta Qaseh here.
:: my other tudung purchase from Shawl by V Snow here.

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