Friday, 16 November 2012

rumah : muka depan

The front structure extended to about 10f more, leaving a minimum length of non-structural area as required by MPKJ. Just enough for our two cars, side by side. 

Here, let me bore you with the progress over 2 months time.

September 9th.
Intact. The original structure and design. Even the gates. See that void area between our house and our neighbor on the left? We converted that area into closet. Not that big but can do lahhh. Mine, his, mine, mine, mine, pillows, folding mattress, mine, mine and more mine :D

September 30th.
Porch - gone! 4 support pillars in the middle erected. Seen here behind Tebby :D Area in between pillars is gonna be our shoe closet. 2x3 and about a-storey tall! More shoes anyone?*ahem* I have 3 pairs otw from London. Who can resist el-cheapo Clarks anyway? Though I have to wait for 2 or 3 months :D 

October 14th.
Support pillars right and left and a beam extended in between. Ground floor wall is built and plastered. Extended area upstairs are being walled up. 
November 13th
This is how it will look like, more or less :D Opted for long window up and down. And a 6f main door.

Can't wait to move in back again. We now literally live between boxes with many things stacks against the wall. True that the house we're renting in has clean, nicely paint walls and a bigger kitchen. But nothing beats living in your own house, really. Albeit the scribbles on the wall. Albeit small kitchen. Really.


  1. May I ask, there is a window at the void area (top floor) between your house and your neigbour. Is that room belong to a room? Or is it a toilet window? Or stair case? Since you have extended the area and build a wardrobe, what happen to the lighting in that affected area? I plan to renovate my house. Still in the process of simpan duit. Lay out of my house is very similar to yours. Thanks.

  2. noor ~ that is actually a fixed window for natural lighting. tu area staircase. after this no more natural light, have to depend on lampu. we even walled-up the staircase area (previously just railing) with 3 square holes . you can have a look here for before-after photos.