Monday, 28 October 2013

recipe: cream cheese buns (plus some horrifying looking sausage rolls!)

Me, the oven and the kitchen mixer... we're so involved..
Who would've thought those appliances can give so much excitement?

The kitchen-mixer Tebby got me, it is ultra sturdy. It is heavy. And it is handsome too. And it kneads as well as beats and mixes. Owh yeahhh! 

Maka timbul lah semangat me-roti. Tanpa perlu mengeluarkan muscle umpama Popeye selama 10-15 minit. My first two attempts were based on recipe Khaliah Nahal Soft and Sweet Buns from Sadaf Culinary Adventure.  

First trial - The taste was right but the texture was so-so. There was nothing wrong with the recipe me think... it's just that I should've left the dough to proof for longer time. Tak sabor punya pasal...

Second trial - alhamdulillah, the taste and texture was just right (at least to me). I left the dough to proof longer time and I did that twice.

But simple me always try to find simplest recipe :D Hence, my third attempt was based on recipe Roti Manis written here. She shares nice simple recipes and she has beautiful photos too :-)

16 buns in 9x9 baking pan. Each is made from approximately 60gm dough. Iya, saya timbang setiap sebiji. Sebaik saja siap bakar, terus glaze with melted margarine (or butter, ikut kesukaan masing-masing).

The inside. Actually ada inti cream cheese.. tapi cubitan si Iman tak sampai ke inti nya lagi.. Gebu kan.. ai loike..

I also made sausage-rolls, Adam's favorite. A little burnt here.. but that's nothing new la by my standard he he.

400gm tepung roti
1 sudu teh bread-improver
1 sudu teh bread-softener
3 sudu besar susu tepung

2 sudu teh yis segera
3-4 sudu besar gula
1 sudu teh garam

2-3 sudu besar marjerin (boleh guna butter juga)
180 ml susu suam (mine is susu segar from fridge, microwaved for 1 minutes)
1 egg (takde dalam gambar)

Put all ingredients in mixer then knead for 10-15 minutes. Dough should not stick to the bowl. If it does, letak tepung sikit demi sikit. Letak doh in a lightly oil-ed bowl, covered and letak kat tempat yang panas. Not hot.. tapi warm. Some suggest letak dalam oven (mode-off).I put mine on my water dispenser. That machine dispenses air at room-temp as well as 90d hot so memang body nya agak hangat. After about 45-60 minutes, saiznya more than double already.

*tangan Adam* Tumbuk-tumbuk doh untuk keluarkan angin then bulat-bulatkan into small balls of 60gm each. I have tried doing it 40gm each, memang hasilnya comel tapi renyah nak masukkan inti.

120gm cream cheese (I used Tatura)
2 sudu teh gula pasir

Gaulkan keduanya sampai sebati. It is best to soften the cream cheese first, baru senang nak gaulkan. Nak masukkan inti tu,.. sama macam nak buat kuih pau. Leperkan dough then bubuh inti. Pastu tutup. Golek-golekkan supaya jadi bulat.

Proof for another 45 minutes at least or until saiz dah double. Glaze with melted margarine. Bake in 160d oven, api atas bawah, fan assisted for 10-15 minutes.

For that amount of tepung, I got 16 buns and some horrifying looking sausage rolls as below :P Dough dah tak cukup tapi gigih nak buat banyak-banyak. I stretched them wayyy too long sampai pecah-pecah once they are proofed enough hu hu. I think for that 400gms flour dough, ample for 16 buns and 5 sausage rolls (good looking ones, not pecah terbarai like I did kat bawah ni) Each 60gm.

I made berry-rolls using the same dough a week after and they turned out, alhamdulillah well. I guess I'll just stick to this recipe for now.


  1. Nmpk sedap betul dan gebu2 roti bun tu. Sy dlm misi membeli oven.... x boleh buat projek lg

  2. trylah K Ni... bila dah beli oven nanti. or boleh try buat donut.. goreng.. tak pakai oven. ni antara list anak2 saya mintak :D