Tuesday, 20 November 2012

inner-neck - Chenta Qaseh

A package from Chenta Qaseh arrived yesterday at my office. A good one, to kick off the week huh? Bought 4 inner-necks. These are to ganti my badly shrunk inner-neck. I know that cotton (I go for cotton inner-neck) shrinks after wash but never had I thought some can shrink so bad that only a little cloth left and they barely stand for their name anymore - inner-neck as they barely cover your neck after rounds in washing machine :D

Don't you just love details? Though packed in the ordinary plastic, it has a nice sticker at the opening. And a free gift! Who wouldn't love free items? Especially when you can use it with comfort :D When I opened it up, so wangi! Not that sweet, fruity, intense kind of perfume. The smell is just right.

Inner-neck - greenish grey, black beauty, olive green and turquoise blue. Free item - ordinary inner in lilac. Inner neck priced at RM25 each, postage RM8 = RM108.

Neat seams - 3 benang. Stitching along the edge is aligned nicely. Material is not as soft as the ones I bought from Al-Humaira Contemporary but not stiff either. If you go for lekap style, then don't go for something too soft. It's hard to shape the awning. At least to me la.

Photo credit to Chenta Qaseh

Love the size. Appropriate as an inner. Since it's quite labuh and besar, makanya akan berjemaah lah ai dengan anak dara ai pakai ni. I, as inner, she as outer. And even if it shrinks, I can still have peace of mind cos it's still gonna be big even when it's smaller :D


  1. mcm best je kak...nak try gak la

  2. CT ~ today akak pakai. comfy. tapi belum basuh :P. will update if it shrinks.

  3. OK sila update. Kite duk pakai yg beli kat -1 lamaaaaa dulu...still OK till today cumanya ada 2..so imagine la kekerapan kene basuhnya...

  4. CT ~ 2 only? wah. must buy must buy *hasut*