Tuesday, 31 March 2015

my kinda toto organiser

This is how I keep my toto/narita.

Too sombong to keep the plastic cover. Bila nak simpan, I had to stack onto one another. Bila nak ambik, susah la pulak (it's FIFO for me - first in first out).

Tried to sew the cover once. It was a nightmare that I didn't bother for a re-try.

Found cheap alternative at AEON Big. Their shopping bag. Was it RM2.99 each? Or RM3.50? Can't remember exactly but I can confirm nothing more than RM4.00 each.

Friday, 27 March 2015

play decorating - dressing up walls

Non-sponsored. Ditulis dengan rela hati tanpa sebarang bayaran promosi :-)

After being kept for months, they are up on the walls. We bought four pieces of kufi from Kufi on Kanvas. After two wood carvings dressing up the wall, I had intended to leave the rest of the wall bare and boring. But man of the house thought otherwise. After putting aside differences, we decided on quranic verses or something along that line, so kufi it was then.
We picked 3-Qul for ruang tamu. The background is actually blue-grey while the wordings in red and black. It's on stretched canvas with black frame.

 Allah & Muhammad at stair-landing wall. As you can see, we have similar colour theme with the 3-Qul. These two came without frame.

The 'bravest' color we have at home. Red. I was a tad bit worried at first coz I don't normally allow colour that 'screams'. Once up on the wall, I think it's nice. Thank you husband for insisting :-) This one is ayat Qursi.

There's a lot more to see and choose actually. I'd say endless possibilities. You can pick any ayat or surah. Pick any color. Pick the size. Pick the size. Pick the finishing. You can also have your name kufi-style.

After pre-ordering, they emailed us images so we can see how they will turn out. No obligations. Once agreed, contact them to discuss on deposits, payment, delivery date and whatnots. In  a week or two, voila, kufi at your doorstep. My only complaint is - no installation service provided. Which explains why these pieces were kept for months! Coz, drilling walls isn't really our forte. Or rather really isn't our forte! Last weekend ada electrician came to change bulbs. Ada 25 bijik nak tukar and jenis downlight yang ada cover cermin tu. Man of the house is still traumatic after that jatuh tangga incident back in 2012. Kalau sikit-sikit he does la. Banyak-banyak ni we always panggil orang to do it. And the bonus... boleh mintak drill dinding sekali. Yayy... kufi finally up the wall.
Here's how to contact Kufi on Kanvas, and their showrooms locations. To be safe, call dulu kot-kot ada changes okay. I take this from their fb page.


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

weekend sewing project - pj bottom

I bought 4 pieces of 2-meters fabric back in 2012 for Kakak's PJ bottom. The yellow kitty pj bottom was sewn right the next day while the other 3 had to wait yearsss before they finally see the sun again, and in wearable form :-) 

 photo taken in 2012.
yang putih stripes and plain grey masih bertapa dalam laci
 gunting Singer tu sedappp sangat buat menggunting kain. sila beli.

I made another 3 last weekend, of course in bigger size coz the little girl is now 14, standing almost as tall as me. But they weren't as loose as I want them be. I used the old pattern I made last year without adjusting a bit.

Here's grey-autumn, blue-leopard and pinky-stripes.
Thank you to cikgu-cikgu who taught me the basics of sewing during my secondary school, kelas SRT. Though later in life, I learnt how to 'menderhaka' ilmu SRT, I really appreciate jasa baik cikgu-cikgu. Coz to get things started, we all have to have the right basics.

And to my mother, Mok, who indirectly started the fire burning - my interest in needle and thread. I often witnesses she sewed clothes during her younger days. She wouldn't let me come near the scissors tho.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

of starting (primary) school

All three are officially school-goers now.

The youngest joined Year 1 already. Iman in Year 5 and Kakak is already in Form 2. When did these three beings grow up?? Time certainly flies too fast.

We’d hoped (and expected) Adam to have smooth transition to these primary school ideas. He did.
 Day 1 and he asked me drop him off near school gate. Adam tau la nak pegi mana, he said.
 2nd day and he didn’t want to bring bekal anymore for recess. Adam nak beli kat kantin, he said.
 3rd day and he put a stop of my reminders of this and that. Adam tau la nak buat apa, he said.


Now we’re almost coming to the first term break. Countless loss of stationeries, pencil especially. 2 pairs of shoes weekly (he always come back with dirty shoes, even on Mondays). Once he has this sambal stain of his white shirt collar! *cries*. And he slept once in class! Last week he lost his just-purchased special-edition pencils set. And his wallet. And 2 water bottles.

Nevertheless. He loves school. He does his homework, paying close attention to details. Like coloring every single strand of grass. Or rubbing off pencil marks entirely when he does corrections. He makes friends easily. Alhamdulillah, I think he’s coping.