Thursday, 27 June 2013

*ehem* dah ganti puasa?

Dari Isnin lepas. Hari ni InsyaAllah berganti 4 hari.
Tinggal lagi satu, InsyaAllah minggu depan.
Kenapa tak puasa esok saja?
Esok cuti, Report Card Day.
Alasan saja bukan?
Bukannya tak boleh puasa kalau cuti kerja?
Bukannya cuti bulan mengambang pun...

Kali ni sengsara.
Terkena time jerebu.
Tekak perit dan batuk-batuk.
Orang kata kena minum air banyak.
Tapi saya puasa..
Nak tangguh ganti bimbang tak sempat nak kejar bulan puasa.
Tu lah.. sapa suruh ganti lambat-lambat kan.

Tahun lepas 5 hari saja cuti bulan mengambang bulan puasa.
Dulu kadang-kadang puasa 2 minggu saja.
Tanya doktor, apa saya ni nak menopos ke?
Doktor kata Ish.. awak muda lagi.
Nak masuk 40 muda lagi ke?

Apapun pengajarannya - ganti puasa cepat-cepat!
Suami saya baca mesti angkat kening sebab tiap tahun ni la pengajaran yang saya sebut-sebut tapi manjang lewat juga..

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shake It! Shake It! It's Shaklee's Meal Shake!

Shaklee Meal Shakes yang dibeli untuk Adam. Bought for RM88 for a canister of 544 gms.Its usual price is RM113. Quite a bit of a steal I'd say. But then again, I am good at justifying my purchases hiks!

Here's what it claims
Hidangan yang lazat, berkhasiat serta mudah disediakan yang pasti digemari oleh seisi keluarga:
•    Sarapan segera yang berkhasiat
•    Lazat, sarapan segera yang mampu dibeli
•    Hidangan segera untuk para atlet
•    Kudapan menarik pada bila-bila masa
•    Hidangan yang ideal, rendah kolestrol, lemak dan sodium

Meal Shakes Shaklee merupakan sumber protein dengan vitamin dan mineral tambahan.  Ia menyediakan jumlah yang seimbang bagi setiap sembilan asid amino yang diperlukan oleh tubuh untuk tumbesaran dan perlindungan yang baik.  Dan lagi, Meal Shakes Shaklee mengandungi semua asid amino asli yang terdapat di dalam protein termasuk yang asid amino perlu dan juga tidak perlu.

Adam, after birth. A healthy baby boy weighing 3.74kg. I thought he'd be a big guy all along. Along the way as he grows up, he has ups and downs pertaining to appetite. Suka makan. Then tak nak makan. Lepas tu suka makan. Lepas tu kurang selera.. Which my other two experienced as well before they finally settled for an eating 'pattern'. So I wasn't really worried. At least until now la.. Now that he is 5 he still has that ups and downs but with more downs than ups. And I began to worry. Kang tak cukup zat pulak cik mat ni sorang ni. When he's undressed, we can see his bones! So kurus. Despite that, he's one active boy.. even dalam report card Genius Aulad pun ada mention that Adam has tremendous energy. Bet that comes from his 2 bottles of Isomil Plus and few snacks. The food surely burnt a lot!

Mula-mula bagi Meal Shake, I bancuh it on its own and letak dalam botol susu dia. Yup, he's still on botol susu for his morning fix and late supper :D After sipping so slowly sampai habis 3/4, he announced he was not taking it anymore sebab tak sedap.

It's freaking RM88 of course it's not fine -_-

Next, campur dalam susu. Just a teaspoon so that the taste would not be too obvious. He asked the first time, so I lied. I added up absolutely nothing I told him. He bought that idea or at least I thought so. Next round bancuh susu, little that I knew he was sneaking behind and caught me red handed. One hand with a teaspoonful of Meal Shake and in my other hand, his botol susu. I lied and paid for it. I said it was for me and he went staring at me until I put the Meal Shake into my drink. Satisfied, he went away. And I took another teaspoon and off it went into his susu. A mother will do what she has to do right? Lucky thing, he never asked again since. If not, I'll be lying to him 2 times a day and that would be 730 lies a year not inclusive of other white lies! 

So, apa jadi now?
Alhamdulillah, appetite dah bertambah. Makan main meal pun minima half serving of adult's. Dulu, nak dapat 3, 4 suap pun susah. And he's snacking in between as well. Cheese, oats, biscuits, buns, fruits, yoghurts. Pasal kadar keaktifan tu susah nak comment because he is naturally very active.

Other effect? Too soon for me to tell as it's been only two weeks now. Will update later.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

the (not so) Bree in me

I coded our laundry using types and colors of hangers. Light green is for me. Orange for Tebby. Red for Kakak and deep green for the boys. It's soothing to see the uniformity, even in wardrobes!

The Bree in me :D

The not so Bree in me - sending them off to Sutera Dobi for ironing :P

If things can be done in easier way, leave them be :D

Friday, 21 June 2013

artsy boyzz

Sent the three munchkins to Global Art's 3-days School Holiday Program second week of recent school break. They played with clay, they messed with paints. They even cooked teriyaki chicken and brought back bento. Conclusion. They like it. Very much. The boys even 'registered' themselves for its Saturday class!

We've been toying with the idea of enrolling them for quite sometime but Iman and Adam took it in their hands and on the last day of the 3-day program, they announced that they were going back on Saturday to do clay thingy. Plants vs Zombie theme! They've been playing with the game for months before. I would've jumped with joy, if I were them to be frank!

Kakak will start hers after UPSR. Judging from her work during the 3-days program, she's been offered to assist class! Imagine getting your pay at merely 12yo! Child labor, huh? :D  I'll leave that to her.

Stairs.. stairs.. and more stairsss...

Just when I thought we have reached the class, we were greeted by this signage! *mode ketar lutut panjat tangga sampai tingkat atas sekali*

Some of the artworks before entering the class. *mode lap peluh letih panjat tangga* Impressive huh? Boysss! I'd like to see something like this yer in months to come! 

After the first session, picked them up and I asked..
Adik, best tak?
Best Ummi. 

And he went relating this and that and this and that and this and that

Iman pulak. Best tak?
Kenapa best?
Sebab kelas ada aircond..


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

report card day @Genius Aulad BTHO

Saturday, 15th June 2013 

Yup. True to his Principal's remarks, he's one ball of energy. Sometimes he drives us up the wall but we love him loads nonetheless. Like today he wanted to have a bowl of oat. Desperately wanting it.. Then I found out not only he fed that oat to the cat, he also spilled some on his PJ, top and bottom.

He gave that big-soulful-eyes stare and I was off making another bowl of oat *sigh*


Academically, he's coping. Not to say anywhere close to being top student but he's doing things as he supposedly be doing. He's counting, he's making sense out of alphabets, recites the right du'a at the right situation and time. 

Socially, he mixes around and makes friends easily. Proactive that he is, always wanting to seat in front. Kalau tetiba dia kat belakang, dia angkat kerusi pegi depan :D Actively participates in class activities.

Keep it up young man!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

the flower girls..

To be frank, I am not much of a 'flower' person but the dining table at home deserves some little highlights. I was torn between these roses (as in photo), hydrangeas and tulips and lilies.

After few vases, mono or mixed-colors trials, single or mixed-types trials - I finally opted for mono-color and just one type which is roses. I like it to look simple and relax.

The girl helped me cut the stems because they were tad bit too long for the vase. They were so liat and keras the girl almost jumped doing it! White a boy manning the kedai looked on *sigh*. But he helped me choose the flowers earlier on he.. he..

Kakak, whom was entrusted to guard the flower, seen here hugging the vase :D under my close supervision. It was all-girls' outing, we had fun choosing, trying and what-nots.

We were back home more than an hour late with more things in the car than we probably should've bought and that flower arrangement was definitely not in our shopping list he..  he..

Probably my husband would think twice before letting us girls go out on our own again :D

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

easy peasy pizza

More like nak-buat-pizza-tapi-malas-nak-explore-macamana-nak-buat-dan-malas-nak-uli-doh :D

Used slices of Gardenia bread, cut away the crust. Slapped on 2 tablespoon of Prego's pasta sauce on each slice. Then tepek slices of Ramli's beef sausages. Tabur 2 types of cheese - parmesan and mozarella.

Bake them at 170d. After 15 minutes, ready to eat.

So laku that I did the second batch for next morning breakfast :D

Of course lah kena ambik feedback kan. So I asked Kakak..
Kakak, okay tak pizza Ummi buat? 
Sama tak rasa macam Domino's? (we always order Domino's these days)

Sebab lagi sedappp Ummi buaattt


My little helper. Tukang tabur cheese. Separuh atas roti, separuh masuk perut dia... I notice dia ni suka ke dapur. Iman pun dulu cam tu jugak.. sampailah dia discover the wonders of iPad :P

Anyway, the easy peasy pizza is now in the list for bekal kids to school :D

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

cuti cuti sekolah May 2013

The much looked-forward-for school holidays are over! For 2 weeks, it was more gas than brake. Now, brake-brake-brake, gas. Brake-brake-brake, gas. Or just lepaskan your brake, let the car roll by itself, then brake some more. No need to tekan minyak pun LOL!

Went back to my kampung @Temerloh. My kampung is more kampung than Tebby's. We still have cows freely wandering around. When I was small (and I was a very small girl), takut betul kalau terserempak dengan lembu on the way to and back from sekolah. My parents would always said 'buat apa nak takut dengan lauk?' :P My parents still rear chicken though we buy chicken meat and eggs from shops! We have a kebun to go to and on those good days, we have bananas, fresh from the tree.

My eldest brother has sekandang kambing which he rears for selling. He will have hard time selling those I am sure. Every each of the kambing has own name. That's how related they are. Siti Ramadhan, Browny, Black, Abah (a male goat, specially bought to multiply the population he he) and my children's favourite - Cute. His mummy goat refused to take care of him after birth so my brother becomes his adopted father from there on. Of course it comes with a privileges, he gets to wander freely in the kebun more often than his friends :D And that is where my children would go visit at least once whenever we go balik kampung.

Adam has a natural flair with the goats, letting them eat from his hands and gets really happy when them goats lick his hands, and he pats the goat (which are almost as tall as he is!) like we pat out friends at the back and came back with baju and seluar soiled from taik kambing :P

Apart from that, we had steamboat dinner @Rest House Temerloh.

Nothing fancy about the place. Suffice to say that I'd think 1000x to sleep there. But despite that, food sedap and banyak. We even packed unfinished food.

After 3 nights, we parted Temerloh and checked ourselves in One World Hotel, OU. Our initial plan was The Gardens Residence but Tebby has a soft spot for One World OU. So One World it was then. A junior suite was on promotion, we grabbed that.

Jumping beans these boys are. They went boing boing boing on the bed and buat-buat jatuh atas karpet. Shoo away boys, your Abah and Ummi shall have that bed for ourselves he he

Did we? Nope. The littlest of them all menyelit tido sama :P

Crabtree & Evelyn! Grab everything unfinished and brought back home ha ha

Kids had splurging good times at the the hotel's pool. But not for long coz shortly after, it rained! They didn't complaint much since the next day we had more water-play at Desa Waterpark.

Smaller and lesser things to try and wayyy cheaper than Sunway Lagoon. Not complaining. I had much lesser run around following Adam who insisted to try everything!

Panas! I went back all burnt. With red cheeks, which I like, sort of natural blush. But those red cheeks also came with a friend, a red nose! Noo!! I ended up looking like Rudolph the next few days and later looked like someone who just had a skincare tragedy. My skin was peeling and was very dry from chlorine (and whatever there was in the water... hurmphh)

The second week, kids complained of kebosanan staying at taska. I had an event coming up right after school holidays, couldn't clock-out on time as I had wished. Tebby is always busy at work, regardless cuti sekolah or not. My SIL pulak taking her boys to a 3-days school holiday program at Global Art near our house. I enrolled them at the same place and my SIL took charge sending and fetching them up. They came back with clay art on the first day, two door-signs each on second and on third, each came back with one pack of sushi rolls and a bento box. They forced us to have a taste. Nasib baik sedap :D

Now school resumes as usual. The only difference is - my boys are enrolled at Global Art  for weekly classes. Good, then less of Midvalley or KLCC and the likes on weekends :D