Thursday, 27 December 2012

2D1N - Columbia Asia :D

Fate has it that we did not manage to go anywhere despite our earlier plans. We had meant to go balik kampung @Temerloh and later go picnic @Teluk Cempedak. I knew our plans were not going to be materialised the moment Adam started vomiting non-stop since last Friday 21st December, after we fetched him from taska. He vomitted twice on my pair of comfort shoes, time for new one, no?

Things got worse early Saturday morning. Tebby brought him over to A&E Columbia Asia Hospital at wee hour of 4.30am. They got back later with 2 kinds of medication and 1 bottle of 100Plus :D

But, how do we administer oral medication when he kept on vomiting whatever that was being fed? On Sunday 23rd December, he started having mild fever and later that day, it spiked. He complained of tummy ache and headache. Monday morning, again, Columbia Asia Hospital . The paed was hesitant to admit Adam but Adam insisted. Yep, he insisted. He was willing to even take the drip (I've warned him earlier but he didn't budge!).

He hardly made any move from the bed. Always lying down, refusing to talk and answered me with just nodding or shaking his head. And frowned at me when I asked any open ended questions :D

Adam with my elder two. They were ecstatic at learning there was a hot shower there. Since dah lama mandi air sejuk hihi..
On Tuesday, he was regaining his usual-cheeky-self. Woke up chirpy and talkactive. When I brought him down to the cafe, he inspected every nook and crook :D The probiotics really helped I think. He still poo watery stools but much less than the day before. And as his usual-self always walks around, he found being attached to IV drip was such a nuisance. When the paed made his ward round, Adam insisted he be allowed to go home. Yep, he admitted himself and later asked for a discharge!

The contained I was supposed to catch him poo-poo in! After 3 babies, no more geli-geli to do such thing laa. And beside that, a sachet of probiotics. Adam has had a not-so-pleasant experience with probiotics (of different brand) so I has some problem coaxing him to take that.

Adik, kena minum ni. Nanti cepat baik.
Ni ubat takde rasa Dik.
Adik minum ni nanti takde sakit perut dah Dik.

@_@ .... patience wearing thin!

Adik, kalau adik minum ni, sekali je sehari, nanti Ummi belikan adik Lego yang adik nak tu

I offered too soon. But kids will always be kids. They will never forget.


Hello! Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Wolverine #96833. Anything bricks and blocks are Lego. This is actually from Mega Bloks. The pack comes with a purple alien and a soldier.Nak assemble benda ni naik kematu jari jemari sebab ketat! Unlike Lego or Kreo yang lebih finger-friendly huhu. It has 31 assembling-steps. I did only 12 then Tebby took over. Thank God I coaxed him into buying this 200+ pieces instead of the 400+!

Oh ya, he nodded at last at my probiotics proposal!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

tudung syria - Chenta Qaseh

While I was in Cameron Highlands last week, my tudung syria from Chenta Qaseh safely made their way to my office. Overwhelmed with my Brinchang experience, strawberry, keledek and jagung shopping, I had almost forgotten that I was expecting a parcel :D When I stepped in the office last Monday, my heart jumped with joy at seeing a Poslaju pack on my table. My heart always does that whenever I see one anyway hihi.

Did I mention their? As in referring to plural? :P

I ordered not one but four! You see, if I order 1 piece, I would still have to pay the same amount if I order 3 or 4 pieces. Let's save up on postage fee and I ordered 4. I know, I am merely justifying but still.. I loikeee!
Wrapped in the usual plastic cover. Neatly fold, every piece in similar manner, almost to same size. I have an eye for details you know. Little things matter to me.

Let me introduce you to these girls. From left to right - Khaki, Burlywood Brown, Crimson Pink and Deep Grey. Priced at RM35.00 each, with postage of RM8.00, these girls cost me RM148.00.

:: Made of Korean Lycra. Feels almost like stretchable cotton. Cooling and falls nicely.
:: The size is just right (at least to me) with bukaan muka approximately 52cm, back length 70cm and length from chin below is 50cm. Not only cover dada, when I had it on, the tip reached way down to my midriff. Perut oso cover hihi.. The width (from shoulder to shoulder) is also just right.

Free gift! With my previous order, I got a free ordinary inner neck in lilac. This time purplish, almost like the color of an aubergine.

ni lah rupa tudung syria yang ai beli..
photo credit to Chenta Qaseh

From the look of it, I think me and Chenta Qaseh shall have an everlasting relationship :D

:: my first purchase from Chenta Qaseh here.
:: my other tudung purchase from Shawl by V Snow here.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

depan belakang atas bawah!

tuan rumah di depan rumah
depan rumah belah kanan
depan rumah belah kiri
depan rumah belah bawah
depan rumah belah atas
belakang rumah belah bawah
isteri tuan rumah di belakang rumah

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

the blocks boy

Went back balik kampung to Tebby's hometown 9-12 December 2012. We traveled by air so strictly not so much toys (the boys) and not so much books (Kakak).

Deprived of their favorite blocks, imagine the boys' excitement when the saw an old tub of blocks back at my inlaw's :D

Iman put away iPad for a while to do this. One-Eyed Monster.

While Iman was at that, Adam wailed since he hadn't got enough pieces to build his hihi. Sekerat badan je Dik? 

Okay now young man. You pose with your creation then please play with the iPad. That was not the usual me but for the sake of peace, you might as well please do Iman

Adam's version of One Eyed Monster

I'm the King - I hereby announce that everyone in my kingdom to yada yada yadaa

Kereta askar ni Ummi. He must've meant the tank kot

Ice Cream!

Warrior Boy! With sword and shield :D

Last but not least - a robot
Thank God Iman was so hooked on the iPad that I spent lesser time being a peace ambassador between the boys!

Monday, 17 December 2012

my Brinchang experience

Remember my entry about going to Cameron Highland (read here)? Alhamdulillah, safely gone (and had fun there!) and now safely back in KL.

We stayed for 3D2N in Heritage Hotel. My review? Well, let's just say some things are just not worth mentioning. Conclusion - not recommended.

I must admit that I am a 'penakut' person. When my colleague asked if I wanted a room with a forest view, I immediately declined. But look at the view from our room.. erk.. very inspiring :D No aircond since it was cold enough. But no fan (?). It got a little stuffy after few hours under the blanket.
Let me just tell the most exciting part of the trip. The rest were the usual stuff - presentations, discussions, Q&As. Trip to Mount Brinchang! But first, 'Best of Highlands' (BOH) tea plantation in Sungai Palas.

On our way up. Travel in style tu... in Land Rover :D If you think this road is narrow enough, wait until you travel further up. You'll have a bukit on one side and a curam on the other. Some stretch are without 'penghadang jalan'

After stopping a while at the foot of BOH Tea Plantation (hearing a short brief and loads of poses!), went to BOH's factory and later to its TEA Ria where we had tea and scones. The machinery in the tea factory dated way back to 1935 and still running good! It is in fact a very 'humble' looking factory.  That's Mr. K Achutan by the way. The Manager. 

View from TEA Ria. Breathtaking. Very fresh. Albeit cold. Spot the daisies atop the roof.

Had tea 'in style' :P I didn't know ordering tea can be as complicated as ordering coffee from Starbucks or San Francisco! We had 4 types (4 of us) of tea and 2 scones. Ahhhh... the very the inggeris okeh :P One of us had teh tarik. True, the taste is tad bit different. Little fresher and taste more 'leafy' I think.

After stuffing ourselves and visited the washroom (airnya sangat sejuk!), off to our next stop.. Mount Brinchang.


It got more colder and cloudier as we got higher up. It was raining. The road is narrower (and slippery) *gasp* It was a 'winding' experience hence we couldn't see any Land Rover in front. Neither we could see any car trailing from behind. As if we were the only ones there. For few moments, I even had doubts :P Nevertheless, we later arrived safely at the peak of Mount Brinchang - 6666f or 2031m above sea level.

I just had to sms Tebby on my whereabouts. When I came back to KL he asked if I was really sending from top of Mount Brinchang. Yang, kalau tak boleh sms, I donno la, look what we have there a transmission tower! On its right is a 3-storey viewing tower.

Durian Fest! A truckload of them. At 2031m above sea level, ha ha. Thanks to all the GMs for belanja-ing we alls. Since I can't have much back home (Tebby and the kids dislike the smell of it), I had quite a bit of them. And later that night, sakit perut kembung penuh dengan angin (combination of teh and durian)

Me! Luckily I have accumulated a bit of fat here and there after being married and pregnancies. After Durian Fest, we proceeded to Mossy Forest, 2000m above sea level.

Subhanallah! Beautiful.. with that ray of light. Moss everywhere. We board-walked from end to end. By the time we were nearing the exit, it started to rain. We basically got wet (but sempat posing dulu before balik) and shivered our way back to hotel.

It was beautiful experience. Close to nature. Seeing Allah's creation up close and personal.

Went home on Saturday. A bad bad congestion from Heritage to Tanah Rata. It took us about 2 hours inching the 20km stretches. Pit stopped at 3 places for little shopping and more tea at Bharat Tea Plantations and later at R&R Tapah for prayers and toilet break. Arrived to the arms of loved ones in KL at 8.30pm.

Friday, 7 December 2012

heliless helipad

Told ya! I went to TM's helipad yesterday with a bunch of loud and loadfulness-of-fun officemates and few budak askar (UPNM practical students). Having served the company for more than 15 years now, that was the first time ever jejak kaki ke situ.

Before we could even naik lif kat G-Floor to 54th Floor, there was a briefing and the emphasis was on safety. *gulp* The dont's, the precautions and all. I was thinking at the back of my mind that I haven't done my wasiat yet :D After the short briefing we all squeezed ourselves in two different lifts to 54th Floor. Then we conquered flights of stairs from 54th Floor to 59th Floor. Conquer la sangat kan, tercungap-cungap nak sampai kat situ sambil picit betis :D 

Sampai kat 59th Floor berehat sebentar ambik napas dan errr... picit petis :D If you look at the uppermost photo in this entry, you'll see that triangular-shaped structure behind the helipad. Yang macam tanduk shark tu. In this photo, we were in that very tanduk shark. Bare, with just metal and concrete structure.

Err... atap zink?

So, here's some of us on the helipad. Others were busy taking photos in their most macho-est post.. men.. *eyes roll*, some were edging the way along the tepian trying to peek how the world looks like from high above. Meremang bulu roma bila tengok bawah, seriously. There was this safety metal net attached along the edge.. but still..

Had fun 'sight-seeing' and of course loadfulness of ber-foto session. Can you believe I also did that jumping-pose? That was I could afford doing while the younger generations did some even more weird and difficult poses :D 

Tu pun, balik sakit belakang sudaa!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

painted :: she draws!

Almost there! Our house. I don't think it'll be 100% done comes middle Dec but I appreciate of we can move in back by then, albeit 80% or 90% done. Hot shower please! Been coming back home late these days and the weather is not cooperative where natural lighting is concerned. Hence no better photo. And please excuse this one, was taken this morning before we left for work. Still gelap. Exterior is painted antique bronze (Jotun's).

Living hall and dining area (original). We previously painted it chiffon. Tebby opted for Jotun's olive this time around. I normally go for dark colored furniture. Not sure it my pick will fit in this scheme. We'll see la how. I don't want to weight down the whole tone.

Extended area. Low, awkward beams.I am not a fan of this dome thingy but let's not chop off anyone's head, shall we. This is to give way for ceiling fan. Square shaped down-lights.

Anyway, sharing some of drawings done by Tebby and Kakak during their father-daughter bonding time over dinner the other day. Puss in Boots done by Tebby. Kitty by Kakak. I love how she draws 'fur' along the edge and the details on Kitty's boots.

Tebby's. Loads of superheroes and stuff. The boys love anything of this sort. When Tebby's not around and the boys are in in one of their superheroes mood, I'm done! Kenapa tak macam abah lukis? Bukan macam ni la Ummi.

Kakak's Howling Wolf on a Small Hill. Cute eh? With a pluffy tail and all.

Kakak's Dancing Kitty in Black Boots. It is not 100% done yet. When she's done with UPSR next year, we are seriously thinking on enrolling her in art classes.

Anyway, I went to TM's helipad this morning. It's on 60th floor. Alhamdulillah th weather was good and kind enough. It was a little hot but loads of fun. Shall upload some proof later :D