Sunday, 21 October 2012


I remember way back in 2001 when I was in confinement after delivery of Kakak, 2 bulan memerap kat rumah amat menjimatkan duit :D

But not anymore.

These days even tak keluar rumah pun can pokai meh. These online thingy, you can shop at any time of the day, any day of the week! You can shop at wee hour after Subuh prayer or when you're lying down about to sleep with bedak sejuk on your face!

And voila, after 2 or 3 days, Mr Postman comes bringing things that bring smile to your face (or frown!)

Let's just say I am one of the victims. The voluntary victim :D

Bought these gorgeous shawls last week. RM28.00 each + RM7.00 postage. Well, *ahem* it is better to buy more than one shawls to jimat postage right?

Now, let me introduce these babies - (left to right) Light French Beige, Thistle and Light Steel Blue which translate into medium cocoa, pink-purple and light grey-blue.

Each measures at 200cm x 53cm with half moon shape at both ends. After twisting around, you'll have a nice half round shape in front and at the back. I have tried on Light French Beige last Friday. It flows and falls nicely without hugging my body shape (Like lycra. Some lycra hugs) and it is big enough to give ample coverage.  (I am 53kg and stand at 152cm) Love it.

This is what 'half moon on both ends' means. I do not know what kind of fabric these babies are made of. Some of my friends says macam kain lining baju :D But okaylah for a RM28 shawl. Of course the material is not comparable with those chiffon from Radiusite (web and Sugarscarf (web But as the name implies, 'Essential Scarf' is one of must-have, essential staples in wardrobe. At least in mine laaa kan.

Essential Scarf is offered by Shawl by V Snow (


  1. Farrah ~ among my feveret selendang. cukup lebar dan labuh :D