Tuesday, 26 August 2014

soon-to-be school go-er

Last Friday buat pengesahan penempatan sekolah si Adam. My... how time flies! Earlier this month Kakak turns 13 and now our youngest is going to start his primary in a few months time!

Nampak a little bit more organised this time around, the school. So far. They have arranged classes and rumah sukan. Bought a thick file and lanyard with nametag holder. Placed order for sew-on nametags, next year dapat. And since we've already known his rumah sukan, we bought the baju sukan as well. Adam is going to be in rumah merah, Panglima. Terus jugak beli tie and badge. I hope I will not procrastinate until the very last minute sebelum sekolah bukak to sew those on. Like I did previously.

Balik rumah, we showed him all the things that we bought. He was ecstatic! Tried out the tees and ties (which fall below his crotch btw). Shirt and pants of course beli sometime in Nov or Dec nanti. Actually I keep Iman's pants and shirt he wore when he was in Tahun 1, but I think Adam won't be able to fit just yet coz Iman is more on the bigger size, while Adam, he can still wear shirts size 4.

So now Adam, please eat a little bit more coz at the rate you are growing now, I donno adik yang bawak beg nanti, atau beg yang bawak adik.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

of eid and a birthday do

My girl turned 13.
On 8th August.
Yeah, it took me that long to update on that.
Be assured Kakak, we love you loads and Happy 13th Birthday!

How time flies. I remember when she was small, with hair so thick, straight and black, eyes so wide and smile so cunning. And now she stands as tall as I am (I am short btw) and she is as curious as a cat can be, on topics I do not have answers for. Russian history, famous female fighters from ancient time, and she claims she can read a cat's emotion just by looking at the tail.

She invited some close friends the following Saturday and I baked Kek Nanas cuppies version with buttercream on top. Buttercream was a tad bit too sweet and not so nicely piped. We invited some friends in the neighborhood and my SIL for makan-makan raya as well. Just a small do with simple everyday menu.

Cleared the other-wise berserabut coffee table. Bought bekas kuih raya with wooden lid from Metrojaya and I arranged them in a metal tray bought dirt-cheap at KK Home Deco during one of my trips to PDM Ampang Hilir years ago.

Some chocolates in a glass vase. The vase is one of three, a wedding present I got from my housemates in Vista Angkasa. And grapes in a salad bowl. Pagi tu sempat pegi nursery kejap cari pokok bunga. Too bad the next day semut dah berkerumun and I had to transfer it outside.  

Nasi Goreng (first to finish, we topped up with fried bihun), fried chicken wings, Kek Gula Hangus and sambal kicap.

Made Spaghetti Bolognese as well. I also did Jelly Custard but not in picture. Last guests left at 10:30 pm. Tired? Yes. Happy? Indeed.


Salam Aidil Fitri! Maaf Zahir Batin.
Yeah, I know, that late.