Sunday, 20 October 2013

easy peasy roast chicken legs

Confession - before I finally get to this, I have gone through burnt, dry, tasteless series of roast chicken. Lucky thing that we have a bunch of anak-anak bulu living semi-permanently with us, taking shelter under our porch, and another bunch of roaming around in the back alley :D

My advise, worry not too much of limited cooking skills. It can be learned and the best way is through trying and trying. To me, that's the best way of knowing how much is too much, how little is too little and how enough is enough.

Seen here on a bed of lettuce, roasted with potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. Big plate bought at KK Home Deco.

I normally use chicken legs, trim away the fat but keep the skin on. You can use any other parts of your liking.

Here's the marinade.
1. Oyster sauce
2. Dark soy sauce
3. Honey.
4. Garlic powder
5. Black pepper - coarse grind
6. Salt
7. Olive oil

How much of everything, is up to you. When you're done mixing, have a lick he he.

Lightly oil roasting pan. Arrange chicken nicely and brush some marinade. Seen here with potatoes, tomatoes and carrots. Broccoli and mushroom can also be used. I am allergic to broccoli and I didn't have mushroom, I just made do with whatever-there-is in the fridge :D

Roast at 160d, middle shelf, fan assisted for 30-45 minutes. But always remember different oven behaves differently. Yours may need different setting but mine works fine at 160d fan assisted and 180d with no fan. Halfway through, take it out, flip over and pour a little marinade. Then continue roasting.

You can marinate ahead. I normally marinate mine on Sunday so we can have roast chicken during weekdays but almost every time I ended up roasting on Monday night, much earlier than planned. 

Note of caution - always freeze these babies if you don't intend to bake within 12 hours.

I don't mean to brag but here's what Adam thinks of my roast chicken..


  1. Simple jer resepi nya. Kalau anak2 suka tu mesti sedap. Thanks for sharing.

    1. ye K Ni. saya buat resepi mudah2 je.. yang complicated tak pandai hehe