Friday, 3 April 2015

rezeki & ungratefulness

Rezeki comes in many forms.
Husband said - dapat tidur lena malam-malam pun dah besar sangat rezekinya.

Last year, I had my phase of greed. I wanted bags. I already have bags - one in violet and few in black. I was certain I need one in brown. But things held me back. So I didn't.

Guess what. A long time friend suddenly asked for my address.
She said - Aku nak bagi kau something.
And wassaped few wristlets to choose from.
Mann, what have I done to deserve that?
Beautiful wristlet arrived few days later.

Months later.
She asked again if my previous address was still the same.
I told her don't do it again.
A tote arrived few days later nonetheless.
In brown!

I was thinking - what have I done to deserve those? Coz I wasn't really doing anything good, apart from my usual routine. Then it dawned to me - it was not what have I done, it was rather what I should do.

Three days ago, my rezeki came in form of free parking spot. You see, parking lots are precious where I work. Scarce. I hit the road 10 minutes later than planned. I was trying to save a little kitten (though it ended in a tragic way that left me in pools of tears). And guess what - when I arrived, some free spots were still available and the adik jaga directed me to the most convenient lot, very near to the entrance.

Thank you Allah. Alhamdulillah. Forgive me for I have sinned. Forgive me for I often forgot the good things bestowed upon me. Forgive me for not giving out as much I should. Forgive me for my ungratefulness.

Sometimes we are too focused on bigger things (or so, we thought) that we forget those little things that make up our life


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